Album Credits

Rachel 02

rachelsolomon  LOVE OURSELVES

Credits: Mandy Holbert – C0-Producer/Bass

“Mandy was an integral part of making my debut record, “Love Ourselves”, a reality. Her arrangement suggestions were always good, and her commitment to the project was unwavering.  The album would not have come out so beautifully had she not been involved!” – Rachel Solomon



Sarah Wilfong  FACETS

Credits: Mandy Holbert – Bass

“I equate Mandy with solidity and professionalism, both in live and studio settings. If groove is your goal, she’ll give it to you with a smile; she is a solid anchor to any project.” – Sarah Wilfong

DC Album Danny Camp This Train Is Movin’

Credits: Mandy Holbert – Bass

Singin’ For My Whiskey Words Last NightThis Train is Movin’

“This album was my debut and I wanted it to be perfect. Mandy’s professional attitude and commitment to the project came through day after day.  She didn’t just lay down bass tracks in one pass and move on.  She came back with ideas and changes and implemented those changes to make the album the best it could be.  I couldn’t have asked for a better bass player.” – Danny Camp


imageChase Skinner / Crank It Up

Credits: Mandy K Shucher – C0-Producer/Bass

11039607-10205452512506458-445340729-oBen Knight & The Well Diggers American Highways

Credits: Mandy K Shucher – Bass

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